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The Most Important Part of the Training Process Is in the Recovery

For decades, millions of Americans struggling with intense pain, discomfort, and mobility issues, have had few choices other than pain-numbing drugs like opiates. CoreText™ and ProText™ are the first Wharton’s jelly tissue products approved by CMS for application directly to the defect tissue, or injured area, using a syringe. The tissue allograft products from Regenative Labs, derived from Wharton’s jelly, are available now and more than 500 physicians nationwide are already using the products to improve the quality of life of their patients.

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Protext™ is a concentrated Wharton’s Jelly or human umbilical cord product that is rich in cytokines, growth factors, and proteins.

Clinical literature has shown that the use of Wharton’s Jelly can be extremely effective at providing structural support for tissues and joints.

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