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CryoText for applications to the Spine

Whether you are addressing damaged tissue intradiscally in the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar vertebral discs or paraspinal to the surrounding soft tissue or attachment points, consider Wharton’s jelly for Connective Tissue Supplementation to repair or replace the damaged tissue with new healthy connective tissue.

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Wharton’s jelly (WJ) allografts consist of human umbilical cord tissue that is disassociated, suspended in saline, and cryopreserved. Their primary function is to provide cushioning and structural support and replace missing or damaged tissue in the patient, applied directly to the defect or injured area in soft tissues. They are applied via syringe and are typically used in ligament, muscle, or cartilage tears.


  • Ongoing Retrospective Repository Data
  • Data Collection Protocol Approved by the Institute of Regenerative and Cellular Medicine (IRB)

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This data is based on a sample of 98 patients with various defects of the lumbar spine including paraspinal damage, enthesopathies, and intradiscal cartilage degeneration from 20 different clinics enrolled in our observational study. There are 52 males and 46 females, aged 36 to 92. Ninety days after the Wharton’s jelly application, patients reported a 33% improvement in NPRS (current pain) and a 25% overall WOMAC improvement (pain/stiffness/function). The progress shown is from only one application, although some care providers apply more Wharton’s jelly allografts for this area depending on the severity and type of defects.  

A Case Series:

The Durability and Efficacy of Cryopreserved Human Umbilical Cord Tissue Allograft for the Supplementation of Cartilage Defects Associated with the Sacroiliac Joint



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