Wharton’s Jelly Human Tissue Allografts


Celltext is a minimally manipulated Wharton’s Jelly derived human tissue allograft. Rich in cytokines, growth factors, and proteins, Celltext is for homologous use and is processed to preserve the structural integrity of the Wharton’s Jelly.

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Amniotic Membrane Human Tissue Allografts


Amniotext is minimally manipulated, amniotic membrane derived, human tissue allograft. Amniotext  is for homologous use and is rich in cytokines, growth factors and scaffolding proteins of the amniotic membrane.

The Highest Quality Human Tissue Allografts Available

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All allograft products are derived from tissues acquired from living, healthy donors after full term pregnancy and a scheduled Caesarean section (C-section). Donors are healthy women who are thoroughly screened for communicable diseases. A careful medical and social history is collected in advance to ensure that mothers meet all eligibility requirements.

Allograft products preserve the placenta and fluid, which are typically discarded. All tissues are then tested to ensure viability and safety. Once tested, these tissues are processed using the standards established by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).  Our allografts are sent to a fully accredited, CLIA certified independent lab for sterility testing prior to release.

Studies have described the placental tissues as “immune privileged” because they rarely evoke an immune response in the human body. This reduces the risk of an adverse immune reaction. Amniotic tissue also has reported anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fibrotic properties.